Feeling tired of being a mom to be can is casual thing happened in your lifetime. Don’t worry. You can get and take a break from what you’ve done daily. You can easily get to be slower by reading pregnancy jokes or anecdote. Sip from a normal live to do as a pregnant woman? No, here is the pregnancy jokes you can get through to brighten your day. Here we go!

First pregnancy jokes

For women who are two months pregnant now are usually be asking about “When will the baby move?” this will be a joke with any luck, the answer is “Right after he or she finishes college”. That is maybe a hilarious joke you will hear. This is the most reliable method you can to determine a baby's sex. You can see? Childbirth!

Then, there is also a joke about husband who ask “Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor or her water’s broke?” Well, the answer is not unless the word "alimony" because it means anything to her.

Second pregnancy jokes

You may wonder on how did Burger King get Dairy Queen Pregnant? Yes, it is because we forgot to wrap the whopper! And also, you may wonder on how do you get a nun pregnant? Well, you can try to dress her up as an alter boy! Then, how do you get a blonde to marry you? Yes, tell her she's pregnant. What pregnancy jokes! After that, when a girlfriend talks “Baby, I'm pregnant!” Don’t worry. Just reply, “What do you want it to be?” Then the boyfriend will answer, “A joke!”

Third pregnancy jokes

Someday I hear of what do you call a blonde with two brain cells? The answer is “pregnant”. my friend also ask about this pregnancy jokes, “What do you give a new mom so she's ready for anything?” Yeah, well. The answer is “A diaper bag of tricks.”

Fourth pregnancy jokes

Okay, this is the funny one. You can ask, what is the most common thing about pregnancy craving? You can also see, men are to be the ones who get pregnant. It is the women! There is also a question asking on pregnancy jokes about the difference between a pregnant woman and a pregnant emo girl. What is it? The emo girl still bleeds! Hahaha!

Cooperation with your surroundings during pregnancy as tough time is really needed so that this kind of pregnancy jokes are making sense. Tell your family or friends to tell pregnancy jokes to you like this so that you can get easily smile everyday, forgetting on how back pain take control in your life.

You may have already chosen to share your pregnancy jokes within the pregnancy news with your boss and others at your workplace and begun maternity leave plans in the end.

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